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Title Chief Executive Officer
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Member Since 13/12/2022
Find8 was created by Karla Shelton, a web development and online marketing veteran since 1995. After generating online marketing initiatives for Fortune 500 brands and a global digital agency, Critical Mass, she concocted an idea for the perfect mixture of art and science—Find8.

Karla established Find8, wielding her knowledge as an experienced marketer to empower her clients to succeed. As a visionary, she devoted her talents and time to creating an open and inclusive environment for her team. An environment where they could be themselves—and fly their nerd flags high.

Today, Karla continues to incite change within each client, working beside her husband, William Shelton. She focuses on leveraging proven performance marketing strategies for everyone from small startups to national brands. In addition, she excels at providing advanced and ultramodern options to our clients while meeting their budgetary needs.

Strategic, Original, & Magically Scientific

Comprised of a team with diverse backgrounds and skill sets, we make it our mission to craft each client into its fullest form using prolific and visionary structuring. We’re creatives, supporting our art with cutting-edge data analytics, predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and marketing automation. In other words, we astonish our clients with our prowess, making them swear we’re working magic. But, in reality, we enjoy weaving data into our masterpieces—creating solutions where none existed.

The beauty of this cohesion is that it brings to light everything our clients seek—the grandiosity of stunning marketing and the security of analytic documentation. We’re called to act as a catalyst, transforming companies into lucrative entities. We’re imaginative and passionate about the success of our partnering companies. From constructing a clear brand identity to morphing a small business into a national beast, we’re a full-service agency ready to brainstorm ways to form the path.

This marketing firm is unapologetically unique, turning ambitious business owners into data-equipped believers—believers in themselves and the magic of Find8.

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