A Philanthropic Spirit

The NAWBO-Indy Foundation

About the Foundation

In 2012, the NAWBO-Indianapolis Chapter established the NAWBO-Indy Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit educational organization dedicated to providing additional opportunities for both new and seasoned entrepreneurs. Our mission is to enhance the wealth-generating potential of female business owners while fostering economic growth within the entrepreneurial ecosystem. By doing so, we aim to create a lasting heritage of success for the upcoming generation of women entrepreneurs.

Spearheading the Visionary Awards Luncheon

The NAWBO-Indy Foundation dedicates incredible effort and determination each year to bring the Visionary Awards Luncheon to life. Behind the scenes, our passionate team tirelessly works to secure sponsors, identify deserving honorees, coordinate logistics, and curate an inspiring program that celebrates the remarkable achievements of women entrepreneurs. Countless hours of planning, coordination, and attention to detail go into making this event a reality, as we are committed to ensuring that the Visionary Awards Luncheon remains a highlight on the annual calendar.

We understand the significance of this gathering in recognizing and promoting women in business, and our unwavering dedication reflects our belief in the power of these women to drive change and innovation in our community.

Donating Time and Skills
  • Developing Sponsor Connections
  • Designating Commendable Honorees
  • Facilitating the Coordination
  • Planning an Impactful Event

NAWBO Awards

Read more about the annual awards that the NAWBO-Indy Foundation makes possible.

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