Elevating The Indiana Businesswoman

Fostering Growth & Development

The National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) Indianapolis empowers women entrepreneurs statewide, propelling them into positions of economic, social, and political influence by fostering the growth of our members' resources and driving economic development within the entrepreneurial community.

Champions For Change

NAWBO-Indianapolis spearheads impactful changes in the business culture, cultivating innovation and effectiveness. Additionally, it establishes strategic alliances, coalitions, and affiliations to amplify its reach and impact. By actively shaping public policy and influencing policymakers, NAWBO-Indianapolis drives significant societal transformations, benefiting women entrepreneurs worldwide.

An Influential Community

NAWBO-Indianapolis provides a platform for women business owners to lead and collaborate. This extraordinary opportunity nurtures individual and societal progress, advancing a dynamic community. Nowhere else can you find such unwavering support, comprehensive resources, and genuine solidarity that embody the essence of this influential organization.

NAWBO National

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NAWBO-Indianapolis Leadership

The power of leadership lies in its ability to inspire, guide, and influence others toward a common goal. These NAWBO-Indianapolis leaders possess a unique blend of vision, charisma, and drive that enables them to inspire fellow members while remaining high achievers in their respective fields.

Board of Directors


Dr. Jamyce Curtis-Banks



Christina Gormal



Anne Hathaway


Shawnda Sparks-Director-2023-150x150

Shawnda Sparks

Vice President


Stephanie Sponsel



Stacy Carey


Lesley Crane-Director-2023-150x150

Lesley Crane



Janmarie Connor



Sheena Lee


Darice Rene-Director-2023-150x150

Darice Rene


Board Advisors


Tammy Butler

Engaging Solutions


Billie Dragoo

RepuCare Inc.


Helena Hutton



Amy Johnson

Frost Brown Todd

Elaine Jai-Board Advisors-Eli Lilly-2023

Elaine Jai

Eli Lilly


Deborah Oatts

Nubian Construction Group


Brassy Broadcasting Co

Karla Shelton

Hear From Our Members

In their own words, members share what NAWBO-Indianapolis membership means to them.

"My NAWBO-Indianapolis membership and corporate partnership have been invaluable in the continual scaling of my firm. The resources afforded to me through my NAWBO network have provided no less than 10 other NAWBO-Indianapolis members and corporate partners to assist in the firm’s growth and success. We always harness the power of NAWBO and #ThinkNAWBOFirst."

Jessica Nickloy

President/CEO, Etica Group

"Being a member of NAWBO-Indy for the past two years has been a game-changer for my small business. The networking opportunities and educational resources provided by the organization are helping me expand my business, connect with fellow entrepreneurs, and stay updated on industry trends. NAWBO-Indy has empowered me with resources and knowledge and given me a sense of belonging in a vibrant community of entrepreneurs who truly understand and champion diversity in business. I'm grateful for the opportunities and support I've received through this organization. NAWBO-Indy has indeed been a valuable partner in my business journey, and I highly recommend becoming a member to any women business owners looking to thrive in the Indianapolis area."

Deondra R. Wardelle

On To The Next One Consulting, LLC

"NAWBO-Indianapolis has been one of the most impactful organizations for me as a business owner. Not only do I have a community of women who help me grow and learn, but I have an expanded network of organizations that need our services or our clients' services. I would recommend any woman business owner in Indianapolis or central Indiana to join NAWBO and take advantage of the benefits. You won't regret it!"

Jenn Lisak Golding

Sapphire Strategy

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