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Email Connor Fine Painting
Address 6925 Hawthorn Park Drive
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Connor Fine Painting

Connor Fine Painting is an interior and exterior commercial painting contractor, locally owned and operated in Indianapolis since 1979. Our mission is to make central Indiana a more beautiful place safely and responsibly with paint. With over 40 years of experience and over 22,000 painting projects under our belt, we’ve painted everything from exquisite architectural environments to rusted structural steel and storage tanks.

With full-service solutions like wall covering removal and installation, surface preparation, rust removal, wood repair, caulking & sealing, we’re more than just painters; we’re a part of our clients’ building maintenance team. We maximize our clients’ property investments throughout their lifespan by beautifying and protecting their facilities and equipment.

Title President/CEO
Email Janmarie H. Connor
Phone 317-423-0000
Address 6925 Hawthorn Park Dr.
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Member Since 01/09/2018


Janmarie H. Connor
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