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2304 Brothers Drive

Suite E

Lafayette, Indiana 47909


Member Since: 10/01/2018

Teresa Cozzi Butler

BUC Construction Supply, Inc.

Business Description:

BUC Construction Supply, Inc. is a DBE & WBE distributor of construction supply materials located in Lafayette, Indiana. The materials we offer are ADA tiles (Cast-in-Place and Cast-Iron), Precast materials (inlets, manholes, risers, and catch basins). We also supply road construction materials and water utility pipe, valves, fire hydrants and fittings. 

We have over 10 years of experience in the construction business and the foundation of our business is "striving for success" for our customers, our employees and our company. We want to earn our customers business 1 job at a time and being a DBE Regular Dealer and WBE Supplier and Manufacturer of ADA Tiles, we can aid them in attaining their spend goals and minority spend goals. With good follow through and effective communication, we will not make promises we can't deliver and will always strive to respond to our customers' needs. We want to create customer loyalty and to build solid business relationships. We welcome the opportunity to earn our customers' business. 



  • Construction materials-ADA tiles (concrete work)
  • Construction materials-Road Castings
  • Water Utility Materials-Pipe-Storm, Sanitary & Storm Sewer, Fire Hydrants, Valves & Fittings
  • Construction materials-Precast materials (structures-inlets, manholes, catch basins & risers)
  • TripStop -Tree Joint Root System-new product offered for concrete contractors
  • Ecoglo-Photoluminescent emergency path marking solutions for indoor & outdoor use-new product offered for vertical build construction

National Certifications:

Local/City/State Certifications:

    WBE - Women Business Enterprise
    DBE - Disadvantaged Business Enterprise


    WBE-City(s): Indianapolis



    DBE-State(s): Indiana and Kentucky




NAICS: 423390: Other construction material merchant wholesaler & 339999: All Other Miscellaneous Manufacturing

UNSPSC: 3013000: Structural building products, 3013703: Concrete tiles or flagstones, 30191700: Construction Sheds & Trailers & 42151511: Bridge Components & Accessories

Keywords: ADA tiles, Precast materials (inlets, manholes, risers and right-of-way markers, Construction supplies -distributor