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C: 317-696-9261


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230 E. 16th Street

Indianapolis, IN 46202-2502


Member Since: 04/29/2022

Business Description:

Aimee Morgan is known for her marketing leadership in the housing, service and renewable energy sectors, as well as her writing career. She is the President and CEO of Good Aim Communications, a full-service marketing firm based in Indianapolis, Ind., and is a graduate of Butler University, where she is now pursuing her master’s degree in creative writing. She has served in the communications and marketing field since 2004 and her experience includes various marketing roles at local agencies, as well as serving as the marketing manager at the Arts Council of Indianapolis. She served as a board member for the International Association of Business Communicators, where she was responsible for regular programming, and has volunteered her marketing services at organizations such as Camptown and Christel House Academy.

Aimee believes in the power of mindful living and working. She is the author of The Chaos Antidote: A Fable About Mindfulness and its accompanying workbook, founder of the Mindfulness Academy and host of the Mindfulness Academy Podcast. She is available for mindfulness training seminars and speaking engagements, as well as guest appearances on podcast, radio and TV shows.

Business description
Good Aim Communications, established in 2012, is a full-service marketing agency that’s a certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE). Good Aim typically works with B2C business owners and marketing directors in the housing, service and renewable energy industries who need additional marketing support, are frustrated with their online presence or simply do not know where to begin with their marketing efforts.

Honors and Awards
PRSA Pinnacle Award
Regional Emmy Award


  • Marketing
  • Communications
  • Housing
  • Renewable energy
  • Service

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    WBE - Women Business Enterprise










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Keywords: Marketing, Communications, Website development, Content marketing, Digital marketing, Videography, Video production, publicity, Public relations, Design, Branding, Social media, Advertising, Mindfulness, Author, Writing, Training, Podcast, Housing, Service, Renewable energy, Green energy