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Ownership : 60%

Woman-Owned 60%

Minority-Owned 60%

Veteran-Owned %

Disability-Owned %

6925 Hawthorn Park Dr.

Indianapolis, IN 46220

Member Since: 09/01/2018

Janmarie H. Connor

Connor Fine Painting

Business Description:

Connor Fine Painting (CFP) is a commercial and industrial maintenance painting contractor serving Indiana businesses. We're experts in our field. With 40+ years and well over 25,000 painting projects to our credit, we've painted everything from exquisite architectural environments to rusty structural steel and storage tanks. We maximize our customer's property investments throughout their lifespan, with paint (interior and exterior).

Environments include commercial office space, healthcare, education, agriscience, food service, manufacturing, logistics and government facilities, power/utility companies, and storage tanks. 

Connor is a Coalition for Construction Safety (CCS) CERTIFIED company and a Certified MBE/WBE through Mid-States MSDC, WBENC, the City of Indianapolis, and the State of Indiana.  CFP has been recognized as a maintenance painting contractor of superior distinction in five key areas: safety, sustainability, satisfaction, innovation, and professionalism.


  • Construction
  • Commercial Maintenance Painting
  • Industrial Maintenance Painting
  • Education Facility Maintenance Painting
  • Government Facility Maintenance Painting
  • Healthcare Facility Maintenance Painting

National Certifications:

WOSB - Woman-Owned Small Business SBA
WBENC - Women's Business Enterprise National Council

Local/City/State Certifications:

    WBE - Women Business Enterprise
    MBE - Minority Business Enterprise


    WBE-City(s): Indianapolis

    MBE-State(s): Indiana

    MBE-City(s): Indianapolis





NAICS: 238320

UNSPSC: 72151302, 72151303

Keywords: Commercial Painting, Industrial Painting, Maintenance Painting,