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PO Box 18236 3925 E 26th Street

Indianapolis, IN 46218-0236


Member Since: 05/01/2006

Business Description:

Nubian Construction Group is a construction management firm and triaxle trucking company specializing in the delivery of high-quality facilities and roadsides for private and public works projects in the state of Indiana.

With more than 16 years of experience in construction dump truck hauling and commercial and public works projects, Nubian specializes in hauling, paving, excavation and site work on roadways and heavy construction projects throughout the entire state of Indiana.

In construction/program management, Nubian covers the entire construction process from design through budgeting, scheduling, procurement, supervision of actual construction, and closeout. Nubian serves as a key liaison in each project between the client, the project manager, equipment and services vendors, and construction companies. Nubian often leads compliance monitoring and assists with capacity-building for both prime contractors and subcontractors.

Nubian also specializes as a diversity program consultant, helping clients locate minority-owned, woman-owned, and veteran-owned businesses to meet diversity participation goals. Through targeted capacity analysis, public awareness-building, and community outreach, Nubian identifies and fulfills opportunities for diversity businesses in construction projects, helping clients achieve project-specific M/W/D/VBE participation requirements. Compliance services include customized analysis and reporting, bid evaluation, contract compliance, and project projections/analysis.

In all of its services, Nubian strives to add value to its clients by creating a successful partnership throughout the construction process. 


  • Construction Management/Program Management
  • Outreach Services
  • Diversity and Compliance Services
  • Trucking and Related Services

National Certifications:

Local/City/State Certifications:

    WBE - Women Business Enterprise
    MBE - Minority Business Enterprise
    DBE - Disadvantaged Business Enterprise


    WBE-City(s): Indianapolis

    MBE-State(s): Indiana


    DBE-State(s): Indiana




NAICS: 237310, 484220, 236220

UNSPSC: 81101513, 92101503, 78101801, 80101604